Here you can upload 3 forms that are required before a player can participate in any MVHS lacrosse practice.

The first two need to be downloaded and filled out.  The Examination and Consent Form can be downloaded for all Freshman, Juniors, and first year high school athletes for your players physician to complete.  Sophomores and Seniors who already have a completed one from the previous year or sport can use their already completed form.  If you do not have a copy of it please check with your athletic trainer. 


The easiest way to upload them is to scan to your computer the completed documents and upload from there.  You can also just take a picture of your filled out forms and upload that image.  Note that on the Concussion Acknowledgement Form we only need the second page and not the 1st page of information.  Valid file types for uploading are pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, and png.  We do ask that all three are uploaded at the same time for organizational purposes.

* Due to this form containing HIPAA information we do want to stress that this form is uploaded directly via a secure connection to this server where only the MVHS Lacrosse Board has access to it.  


Guardian Info
Players Info